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Découvrez la montagne 2019

August 5 at 12:28 AM · Winnipeg ·
Home from a wonderful, super amazing once in a lifetime trip to Lake Louise!
Experiences are priceless and amazing friends are lifetime friends.
Where to start, Friday’s 10 hour drive out to Medicine Hat was a very entertaining in a good way drive. Saturday’s supposed to be 4 hour drive to Lake Louise took an extra hour and a half due to an accident on the hwy. Sunday’s 4 hour hike up to Paget Lookout was spectacular. Monday’s approx 7 hour hike up to Upper Victory Glacier and through the Plains of Six Glaciers was an experience. I will never forget the beautiful views. Tuesday’s summit up Fairview Mountain! Wednesday’s treck through Stanley Glacier and Banff hot springs. Thursday’s 9 hour hike to Wenkchemna Pass through the 10 Peaks. Friday’s summit on Paget Peak. And Saturday’s Athabasca Glacier with 2 crevasse  rescues ( being lowered into a crevasse and ice climbing out) and today’s 16 hour drive back with awesome friends made it seem way less then 16 hours in the car.
Thank you again CESB for putting on DLM once again it’s a once in a lifetime week, with great company, excellent food and amazing experiences one day after another. Thanks to Erica, Paul, Therese, Andre, Roland, Carol, Wayne, Anne-Claire and Cyril for making this week the best and for everyone making it back from every treck safe and sound.