The Club d’escalade de Saint-Boniface

The Club d’escalade de Saint-Boniface ( CESB ) was founded in January of 1993, Later that same year it joined the National Club as the St. Boniface Section of the Alpine Club of Canada – thus becoming the first francophone section of the ACC. Our section is a volunteer based club that promotes a wide variety of outdoor activities, including wall climbing, rock climbing, ice climbing, hiking and an annual week-long trip to a destination in the Canadian Rockies.

The Alpine Club of Canada

The Alpine Club of Canada ( ACC ) was founded in Winnipeg in 1906 as Canada’s National Mountaineering Club. Based in Canmore, Alberta, the ACC is the focal point for its 22 regional Sections located in different regions of Canada. Not only does the ACC offer year-round activities and services through its Mountain Adventures program, but it also administers an extensive system of alpine and backcountry huts throughout the Canadian Rockies. The ACC has grown into a full-fledge mountaineering organization that strives to provide an enormous range of benefits and services to its members.

Vision of the ACC

Preserving, practicing and promoting Canadian mountain culture and self-propelled alpine pursuits.

Mission of the ACC

The Alpine Club of Canada fosters alpine experiences, knowledge and culture; promotes responsible access; and supports excellence in alpine leadership and skills.

CESB Executive

Chair and Treasurer André Mahé amahe@mymts.net
Activities Charles Roy charlesroy_@hotmail.com
Auxiliary member Thérèse Dubé tdube@mymts.net
Activities Ashton Beaupré shtobeaupre@gmail.com

You can contact us at info@cesb.net


Member Non Member
Wall Climbing $4 $8
Ice Climbing $10 $40
Carte grimpe (10 day passes – Wall) $40
Carte grimpe (5 day passes – Ice) $40
Groups Ask us
  • Participants (a parent or legal guardian in the case of a minor) must sign an Alpine Club of Canada Waiver before participating in any of our activities.
  • Children (12 years and under) must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Prices include the use of the climbing equipment.

Membership Fees

Membership fees for both the Alpine Club of Canada and the Club d’escalade de Saint-Boniface (St. Boniface Section)

Membership Fees
Adult 19 years and older $55
Family 2 adults and their children $85
Youth 18 years and under $41

Upgrades ( optional )

Membership CAJ Huts Combined
Adult $22 $24 $40.50
Family $22 $48(*) $62
Youth $22 $24 $40.50

(*) A Family membership includes 1 copy of the Canadian Alpine Journal.
For membership upgrades, additional information and online application and renewals please go to : http://www.alpineclubofcanada.ca/membership/index.html.